Friday, November 27, 2009


Monaco is the second smallest country in the world, being slightly bigger than the Vatican. It is 2 square km, surrounded on three sides by France, only 16km from Italy. The Grimaldi family has ruled since 1297. France is responsible for their defense and in fact Monaco can do whatever they want re laws and regs, as long as the French government approves.

We arrived in Monaco on a Sunday morning. A yacht show (boats, accessories, etc), had just finished so there were tents, displays, and yachts all around the harbor. Below is some business advertising yacht insurance.

Below are two views of the harbor.

Below is the Grimaldi palace.

This is along the high rent shopping district; what these two Smart cars are doing there I don't know.

Opera house window.

This is the famous Monte Carlo Casino. They will allow anyone to go in the front entrance but to go into the gambling areas you must abide by a dress code, etc. Being Sunday they didn't open for gambling until 2:30 pm. Not only that, I never saw James Bond of any version. Very disappointing.

This is a park across from the casino entrance.

This is more like it!

And so are these!

Not to mention this Bentley.

Another Ferrari!


We all have to come back down to earth eventually, even if we are parked in front of the Hermes store.


  1. Coopertops and smart cars in Monaco? What is this world coming to?

    Looks like it was a fun visit.