Saturday, February 2, 2013

Kotor, Monte Negro Part II

The blog on Kotor was getting too long so I decided to break it into two parts. The photo below is of an old gate in a wall.

The next photo is a sort of National Geographic moment. The red T-shirt kind of pops out.

The photo below is of a door that I quite liked. I don't know what it leads to.

The next photo is of a small square. Note the green shutters and the lady in a red top with her dog.

The three photos below show the defensive sea wall and some of the wall going up the mountain to protect the town from raiders coming over the mountain and down to the town.

The next photo looks up the mountain from the seawall. You can see some of the wall going up the mountain, fortifications and a church.

Above is a flower growing out of a crack. I thought at first that it was artificial , but on closer examination I think it is a real flower. Below is another great door.

The two photos below show two different sets of stairs on narrow streets leading to two different businesses.

The corner shown below is interesting with the rounded building on one side and the square on the other, with green shutters, of course.

I think this church is the Cathedral of St. Tryphon.

This dog seems to be enjoying himself on the veranda. Why not?

I just about fell down laughing when I came to this down a narrow side street. I presume that every international society of neurologists and/or  neurosurgeons must hold their meetings at the Hotel Hippocampus. The perfect place for such meetings.

Unfortunately its time to say farewell to Kotor. The photo below shows the town of Kotor and the mountain behind from the ship.

This next photo is of a village partway down the inlet towards the Adriatic.

The island on the left in the photo below is a man-made island. Rocks, old ships, etc. were put there to create the island and then a church built on it. The church is Our Lady of the Rocks.

The sun sets as we approach the Adriatic Sea. Farewell to Kotor--a great experience.


  1. Beautiful photos on both posts. I love it when a place has a unified style. I had to google Montenegro to see what languages are spoken. So many interesting places in the world and I've been to so few. Lucky you.

  2. When can I expect the coffee table photography book: "Windows and Doors" (looking upon and out of)?

  3. My plan is this fall. I love them--I think they have all kinds of stories to tell, even if I don't know exactly what they are.