Friday, April 26, 2013

Venice Part III--Grand Canal Continued....

The photo above is of the Grand Canal approaching the Rialto area from San Marco's Square, headed towards the train station.

I love the street lamp in the middle of the canal

Gondolas approaching the Rialto area.

Buildings near the Rialto bridge.

The canal near the bridge is often congested. In the right foreground is a vaporetto at the Rialto stop. A gondolier is just ahead of it; his gondola isn't visible in the photo.

 A close-up of the Rialto Bridge.

This photo shows two freight carrying boats near the end of he bridge. These seem to take the place of the UPS trucks.

I think I'll have a little something on the balcony.

This photo shows one of the famous houses of Venice, the ca d'Oro. It is the white building immediaely to the right of the vaporetto stop, which is named the ca d'Oro stop. The ca d'Oro was once heavily decorated with gold, hence the name. It was built between 1428 and 1430.

 The three photos above show buildings along the canal.

Small canal joining the Grand Canal. I like the greenery on this building.

This building is a casino.

Note the dog relief sculptures on this building.

Side canal.

Church of San Simeon Piccolo.

Very congested here. Two vaporettos, gondolas, and other watercraft.

 Gondolas waiting for passengers. Near Rialto Bridge.

 Gondolas with passengers.

 A wider view of this same area.

Sunset on the Grand Canal.

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  1. I like this version of the grand canal better than my last root canal.