Wednesday, September 30, 2009

"Have Another Sardine......."

Portimao is a small city in southern Portugal in the area that the Portuguese call the Algarve. The Algarve was discovered by the Brits about 20-30 years ago as a cheap, sun splashed beach spot to get out of their beastly climate. What used to be a sardine fishing village has become a sardine fishing port as well as a tourist hotspot.
Portimao was flattened by the same earthquake that did in Lisbon in 1755. As a result most buildings are relatively new. The photos below show a street, a church tower with Moorish influence, cathedral door complete with beggar, door with hands for a door knocker.

Below is a photo of a woman in a window.

One of the best things about Portimao is charcoal grilled sardines, which have been caught that morning. They bear no resemblance to the canned variety—they are delicious!


  1. Woman in a window . . . I'm so glad you like have an eye for—and like to take—lovely photos like this!

    Still don't know about the sardines. The hand door knockers are a bit eerie. What type of building were they on? And do you get to hear the neat church bells in the cities ring while you're visiting?

  2. The grilled sardines look tasty to me! Land-locked and getting colder...

  3. Those hands are creepy! That said, I used to have a hand as a doorknob, a long time ago.

  4. I think the hands were on a private residence front door. We have heard the church bells some, but not often.