Thursday, October 1, 2009

"Shut the barn door, I think the horse is out!"

Cadiz is is the Spanish port from which the explorers and adventurers set forth and the port which received the treasure from the Spanish conquests and colonies. Consequently there are several fortifications built around the harbor entrance. One questions how effective they were, since Sir Francis Drake successfully attacked Cadiz and the Spanish fleet in 1587 and a combined English and Dutch fleet sacked the city in 1596. Then they built the forts.

There is a fortified seawall around the old harbor which makes a fine walk with old forts, parks, etc. Cadiz is ancient; there are ruins of a Roman theatre, below.

The photos below are of doors and windows, a street called Pirate’s Alley, a fountain and the remains of an arch in the medieval city wall.

I didn't quite hit vertical on some of these photos(doors,arch). Sorry about that. These are straight from the camera. I have no software on this small computer to do any editing. I will try and do better.


  1. I think they're wonderful photos for straight from the camera. My favorite is of the dog. I love how you always have "real-life" pictures from your travels.

    I'm also envious of all the blue sky and water. Looks like you're enjoying good weather. The sun actually shined for us today after a week of clouds and rain.

    Call me dense, but what's the meaning/reference behind the title of this post?

  2. The Spanish built the forts after the place was sacked twice-once by Francis Drake and once by a combined English-Dutch fleet.

  3. It took me a while, but I finally get it. Yes, I'm dense, I know. But that's one idiomatic expression I hadn't heard before.