Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Barcelona is a large city in the Catalan region of Spain. They have their own language, Catalan, which the Spanish have recently allowed them to use if they desire. Franco had taken a dim view of anything but Spanish. It was very accessible, with good public transportation.

One of Barcelona’s claims to fame is the late 19th century architect, Gaudi. He designed a cathedral, the Familia something, which has been under construction since about 1885, and, as you can see, is still not finished. Initially I was not interested in seeing it, but relented and am glad I did. Although somewhat bizarre, when you see it in person it grows on you.

He also designed some other buildings. The one below is a house or houses. The roof of the one on the right is supposed to look like reptile skin. These and the apartment house remind me of Hundertswasser Haus in Vienna.

The Gaudi below is an apartment building which has an underground parking garage, designed by Gaudi, apparently the first one anywhere.

The sign below was at a tavern or liquor store, I forget which. Who knew?

There is a long, wide street called Rambelas on which you can supposedly find anything. Much of it is a pedestrian mall. Of course I renamed it to its proper name, Ramble Ass.

This street scene was in the Gothic or medieval quarter.

There was a festival going on while we were there. These children were doing some sort of dance involving sticks.

Barcelona was very fun and enjoyable.


  1. Makes me want to go to Spain - I love that alley.

  2. very colorful. Love the little kids with their sticks. You seem to have a knack for showing up just in time for festivals.