Friday, October 2, 2009

Spanish Village....With Apologies to W.Eugene Smith

Mijas is a village in Andalusia 20 or 30 miles outside of Malaga. It is a hill village, several miles up from the shore and hidden from shore by a hill. This was done to prevent pirares from finding and pillaging the village. These villages are part of the Costa del Sol, now a major tourist attraction. Mijas retains a lot of it’s charm; all buildings, including houses, must be painted white. Paint has replaced whitewash. Donkeys and horse drawn conveyances are available for taxis.

The old part of town has narrow curving streets with interesting doors and windows.

There were still some of the older locals about, as you can see.

The market had mostly locals doing their shopping.

The only problem was Mijas was very crowded with touristas.