Friday, October 9, 2009

Rome--My Reputation as an International Train Traveler Troublemaker is Greatly Lessened

The port for Rome is Civitavecchia, an hour or more from Rome, depending on mode of transportation, etc. We decided to take the train. We walked about four blocks from the port terminal, bought a B.I.G ticket which gave us access to all trains, undergrounds, buses, the Rome area for 24 hours. We jumped on the train, rode for about 45 minutes, and jumped off at the St. Peter’s stop, walked a block and voila! There was St. Peter’s.

We saw the square and basilica as well as the Vatican Museum including the Sistine Chapel. Bernini Altar in St. Peter's shown below.

We then took a cab to a square where the Bernini Three Rivers Fountain is located.

This fountain is featured in Angels and Demons. From there we cabbed to the Pantheon and then walked to the Forum.

From the Forum we walked to the Colosseum, jumped on the underground to the central train station, transferred to the train to Civitavecchia and made it back to the ship without incident. I noticed a man in the train station taking down my wanted poster. Wunderbar!
A few comments about Rome. St. Peter’s is magnificent; stunning, really. The Pieta is very moving.Below is a group of nuns viewing the Pieta.

The Sistine Chapel is absolutely breathtaking; the ceiling much higher than I thought. The Vatican Museum is poorly organized and confusing. We spent about an hour looking for the Laocoon, shown below.

The Forum and Pantheon are wonderful.

I kept pinching myself to make sure I was really there. We turned a corner, wondering if we should take a cab to the Colosseum and there it was!

I thought of my Dad, who had a three day rest leave during WWII and spent it in Rome. He had photographs of himself and the Colosseum. All in all, Rome was a wonderful experience.


  1. I had the same experience with the Colosseum - walking around wondering if we were lost and suddenly we turned a corner and there it was! It's even more impressive in real life, I found.

  2. Hey -- I think that happened to me too!

    Glad you liked St. Peter's. It was one of my most cherished memories of Rome.