Monday, October 11, 2010


For some years now doors have been one of my favorite photographic subjects. I have shot them with 4x5, 645, 35mm and various digital cameras. The photo above is from the Topkapi palace in Istanbul. It was taken with a Sony a100, Carl Zeiss 16-80 lens. Below are a few of my favorites.

Detail from old door Miami, Az. Taken with Sony a900 and Zeiss 24-70 lens.

Amsterdam door. A100 with Zeiss 16-80.

Santorini door. a100, Zeiss 16-80.

Details on door at Hubbell Trading Post, Ganado, Arizona. Digital camera, unremembered model.

Doors at Aztec Ruins, New Mexico. A100 with Zeiss 16-80.

I am thinking of doing a book of doors. I have a whole bunch more photos of doors. What do you think? Please respond to the poll. Thanks much.


  1. Dublin (IE) is famous for its doors. We'll have to show you some pics sometime.

    I like your collection of doors. I think a book would be a great idea.

    BTW, the last pic of the Aztec ruin reminded both me and Linus of one of the Irish ruins we went to.

  2. I would buy such a book.
    Maybe two or three (for gifts).