Sunday, November 14, 2010

Strange Events

A couple of weeks ago I was coming home just after sundown. A few blocks from home I saw this strange horse coach driven by a ghost. Scared, I drove home to find a group of ghosts dancing around a cauldron in our front yard. I think the coachman must have let them off at our house.

I ran in the house and found a strange kitty cat on our table.

I ran outside and found a ghost with Harry Potter, a cowgirl, the kitty and Captain Hook.

I was uncertain what to do. I asked my wife and she suggested we try bribing them. We got out all the candy we had and sure enough, they would take some and go away.
Below are some of the strange creatures who came to our house.

We managed to bribe them all with candy, including the devil. I was sure he wanted souls but he took the candy and went on his way. The next morning the dancing ghosts and the coach were gone. Did you have this kind of trouble at your house?


  1. We did have this kind of trouble at my house, but I an assure you that none of them were wearing flip-flops!

  2. We never have that kind of trouble at our house, which means more candy for Linus. You had a lot of scary things come to your door.

  3. We had some to-do two days in a row, but not as much as I would have liked. There was quite a rumpus at the elementary school, though. I will send you photos.

  4. Fun time was had by one and all. We actually ran out of candy for bribes and almost had to dip into the peppermints.