Monday, September 12, 2011

Barns of Cache Valley

Cache Valley is a high mountain valley in northern Utah, home to Utah State University. Logan is the largest city in the valley. Cache Valley was a site for mountain men, fur traders and trappers to rendezvous in the first half of the 19th century. It was first settled by white men in the 1850's. The valley is very agricultural with a number of barns scattered around, some new and others in various states of disrepair. What follows are some that I have photographed over the years.

This first barn is on a hillside in Mendon, a small community on the west side of the valley.

This barn is also in Mendon. I love the pattern the lack of shingles makes with the light coming through the roof. The cupola is also from this barn.

I believe this handsome old barn is in Trenton.

The barn shown below is in Clarkston. I'm not sure but I think it may have been a house at one time. The horses don't seem to care one way or another and were singularly non-communicative.

The barn and old house shown below are in Clarkston. There is a newer, modern house on the place as well, not shown in the photographs.

This mural is on the side of a modern farm building/barn in Trenton.

This bit of whimsy is on a barn in Whitney, Idaho. The northern end of Cache Valley extends into southern Idaho.

The photo below is obviously not of a barn, but it is an abandoned bit of agricultural equipment. It is near Mendon.

This is what eventually happens to the old structures if not maintained. I hope the truck isn't needed in a hurry.


  1. Love the old barns. You've got to admit that last building had a good roof. Too bad about the walls. Cheryl

  2. This makes me miss Cache Valley. So pretty and Romantic.

  3. Great photos! Just for the record...the "barn/shed" that has "Ravsten Farm" painted on it is located in CLARKSTON, not Trenton.