Thursday, December 10, 2009

Old Age Homes for Fleas

On our recent excursion we saw numerous members of the canine persuasion. Most of them were stretched out in the sun or looking for a handout. As you can tell as you look at the photos, only one was from Northern Europe and one from Spain. All the rest were from Egypt, Turkey, Greece, Sevastopol and Varna. I don't know what this means, if anything. A few years ago Bucharest had a big problem with free roaming dogs that were rabid. The dogs we saw didn't accost anyone or appear to be dangerous and some of them had ear tags, like the government had done something to them.

Below is a whimsical creature outside a shop in Amsterdam. Canine or not, I like it.

This dog was ensconced in apparent luxury on a balcony in Cadiz, Spain, looking down on us poor folks below. Not a bad life--catch a few rays, have a little kibble....

These dogs may be waiting for Ulysses or Diogenes, bagging it in the Agora below the Acropolis.

This dog was on the sidewalk in the port of Piraeus, Greece. He seems to be doing rather well at getting handouts. He reminds me of Donna the Boxer, who would plant herself in the doorway of the Student Union at the U of A when I was a student there. She got really, really fat--the student body loved her. If I remember right, we elected her student body president as a write-in candidate. Really ticked off the campus Greeks.

Kusadasi, Turkey--business is slow, might as well bag it.

This dog is at Ephesus, apparently waiting for Paul to return.

This flea bag is smack in the middle of a street in Ephesus.

The photo below is on a street in Ephesus. It looks like the man who is pointing has just sent the other couple packing; the dog couldn't care less. The man is probably just pointing at something but its fun to speculate.

This Istanbul dog has made an art form out of sleeping in the middle of a pedestrian square.

This canine appears a little more lively than some of the others. He is just outside a shop with goodies suitable for dogs in Thera, Santorini.

This dog is waiting for his idiot master to get out of the Black Sea at Sevastopol.

This dog in Varna, Bulgaria is eyeing a small snack shop hopefully.

King of the square, Varna

Guarding the Pyramids at Saqarra.

Another Pyramid guard dog.