Thursday, July 5, 2012

All American 4th of July

The Fourth of July--the quintessential American holiday. Should be celebrated by barbecues, baseball games and fireworks.We started by putting up bunting and small flags.


Then we decorated the door 

and finally we hung the large flag.

While we were eating breakfast I read the Declaration of Independence. The first time I have read it in years. What a marvelous document. Thomas Jefferson was truly inspired. Then we got food ready and eventually the old man hit the barbecue.

                            Chicken with Sweet Baby Ray's barbecue sauce. Umm, ummm, good!

          Finished chicken, mesquite flavored beans, and a copy of the Declaration of Independence.
The guests all gathered to eat. My wife Roberta, my son Dean and his wife Laura, and grand kids Maren, Easton, Henry, Amelia.       And-----
                Thomas Charles Clement, born June 28, 2012 who slept through the whole affair.

                     Desert was American flag cookies and red, white and blue jello. Whoooeee!

There's a Church about 2 miles up the street that does fireworks every year so after dark we went out on the front lawn for a look see.There's weren't so hot this year, but a neighbor about half a block away fired off some good skyrockets. The only thing missing was a baseball game. Oh, well. The Diamondbacks played last night and lost, so we didn't miss much. Below are some photos of the fireworks seen from the front yard..
                                                                Happy Birthday, America!