Monday, June 13, 2016

Trains, Planes, Autos, Taxis and Buses--No Ships This Time

We recently returned from a five and one half week trip to Saarbrucken, Germany. Our daughter Carolyn and her family currently live there. She had a new baby and asked us to come and help with the new baby and the five year old and to stay as long as we did. After carefully thinking about it, checking our busy social calendars, etc., which took all of about 5 seconds, we agreed to come.

We first took an auto driven by our son to Phoenix' Sky Harbor airport.

At Sky Harbor we took a Delta Airlines flight to Detroit. We changed planes in Detroit and caught another Delta flight, this time to Frankfurt, Germany,

We caught a regional train at the Frankfurt airport.

Two and one half hours later we found ourselves at the Hauptbahnhof in Saarbrucken, where we caught a taxi to Carolyn's apartment.

While in Saarbrucken we experienced a lot of different weather. We had rain, sleet, snow, hail and the occasional nice day. The photo below was taken from her apartment in late April showing falling snow.

Directly across the street from her apartment is a bus stop. We took a bus from there to go downtown or to Gwen's( our 5 year old grand daughter) kindergarten. There is a bus stop on her side of the street which we took to the Saar Bazaar to do grocery, etc shopping. They do not have a car and this time we did not rent one. Below is a photo of a bus stopping at the across the street stop.

Their apartment is on the third floor. The photo below is taken from their apartment and shows a wisteria vine going to the top of this big tree. Very pretty.

We found this strange creature inhabiting their apartment, shown below. It didn't seem to hurt anybody but did have a good time.

The baby, Lucy, was born a few days before we arrived. A good healthy happy baby.
Shown below with The Old Cowboy.

They finally threw us out in the street and we came home--train to Frankfurt, Delta Airlines to Atlanta, change planes and then home per Dean's car from Sky Harbor.

A good time was had by one and all.