Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Schloss Rheinfels

Schloss Rheinfels is a castle built on the mid-Rhine river in 1245 AD at the town of St. Goar. The photo shows the castle in the upper right from the town.

This castle was an important fortification and administrative center until 1794 when it was handed over to French Revolutionary soldiers without a fight. The castle and St. Goar are located on the west bank of the Rhine between Bonn and Mainz.

The photo below is taking from the castle looking northeast across the Rhine.

The next photo is taken from the castle looking southeast across the Rhine. The castle that is across the river is known as Castle Katz. It was built by the count in the 14th century. With these two castles the counts could block all river traffic, collect tariffs, etc.

Just south of St. Goar the Rhine narrows and apparently has some shallow spots. This area has a big rocky headland called die Lorelei, which was a dangerous spot for ships and sailors. It has been written and sung about in German folklore and songs for centuries. When ships got past die Lorelei heading north they would often stop at St. Goar and give thanks. Oh, and pay their tariffs, of course.

Schloss Rheinfels is now a massive ruin, open to the public. There is also a hotel there. Below is a photo of their rather handsome conveyance.

The photos below are of the ruins.

Below are some graves in the castle yard.

I'm not sure what this hole was for, it may not be intentional but it gives you an idea of the massiveness of the structure.

 I really like this stairway.

 I see the queen and two princesses on the tower battlement.

A photo from tower/battlement looking northeast.

A princess trying to get into her suit of armor.

If you are in the area I highly recommend Schloss Rheinfels.