Monday, November 10, 2014

Halloween 2014--a Bit Late

Here are the Halloween goings on at our manse this year. A few days late, but as my 3 1/2 year old granddaughter says,  I'm old and rusty.

Below are two shots of the front of the scary place. As you walk up the sidewalk you pass between Montague, rising from the grave on the left, and a skeleton coming out of the cauldron on the right. You can also get a glimpse of some dancing ghosties. There were two groups of dancing ghosties, one group on either side of the sidewalk.

Once you get by the skeleton and the rising corpse, you reach the front porch. Two scary sights on the porch, some guy in costume as the Old White Haired Guy and almost as scary Doctor Death, the Venetian Plague Doctor. Scary music was also being played.

Some did manage to make it up to the front porch, where a treat awaited.

This is my two year old grandson who wouldn't get any closer than this.

This next one got fairly close, with encouragement from mom and grandma.

The little one above is not at all sure he wants any part of this deal.

The next series of photos are of some of the kids who came down the street and dared to come up to our house.

The Tin Man and the good witch managed to make it from Oz.

This little kid in the red wagon had a portable DVD player and I don't know what other creature comforts with him. A great way to go trick or treating.

Below is a really scary werewolf.

The two blue guys below were way cool.

Below is a mad scientist. He was the only person who knew that the Venetian Plague Doctor was a Venetian Plague Doctor. Must've been the long red hair.