Sunday, August 18, 2013

Sagrada Familia, Barcelona

 Shown above is a photo taken of the Basilica i Temple Expiation de la Sagrada Familia, in English the Basilica and Expiatory Church of the Holy Family. This church was begun in 1882 and taken over by the Catalan architect Antonio Gaudi in 1883. He guided it until his death in 1926. The money for its construction is from donations and admissions. It is not a cathedral; it was dedicated by the Pope in 2010. It is estimated that it's completion will be in 2026.

There are three facades: the east facade, shown above, depicts the Nativity; the west facade depicts the Passion of Christ; the south facade, now under construction, depicts the Glory of the risen Christ.

The photos above show the four towers of the east facade and  some  fruit or flowers on the top of some arches on the east. Below is a tree with birds on it located between the four towers on the Nativity facade.

Below are three photos of sculptures from the Nativity facade. The middle one with the children is my personal favorite.

Below is one of he towers on the west or Passion facade.

The photos below are all of the west or Passion facade. The style of these sculptures and layout is very different from the Nativity facade. It is very stark and modernistic. This is the work of an artist by the name of Josep Maria Subirachs.

 The photo below is of one of the towers.

If you are in Barcelona the Sagrada Familia is well worth the metro ride. You  can purchase tickets and go inside and go up at least one of the towers. We did not due to time constraints. It is a fantastic building and well worth a look.