Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Streets of Barcelona

The streets of Barcelona are fascinating, particularly those of the Medieval Quarter and Rambleas. Rambleas is a broad primarily pedestrian thorofare that runs up from the waterfront. Supposedly you can find anything you want along it. A photo of Rambleas(or Ramble Ass, as you prefer) is shown below.

The streets of the Medieval Quarter are narrow, sometimes crowded, primarily with pedestrians and an occasional bicycle or motorcycle. The photo shows the entrance to one such street.

The photo below is typical of one of the wider streets with a lot of shops along it.

Below is a small narrow street off one of the more main streets.

As I remember this street is between two buildings associated with the Cathedral. I think the passageway over the street connects the Bishop's residence with another Church building.

This is an intersection of two narrow streets. Much of the Medieval Quarter is like a rabbit warren, and one could get lost very easily. We had a good map and didn't go too far astray.

One of the wider streets crowded with pedestrians.

During your wandering refreshment may be indicated.

Narrow, narrow and narrower.

Got my bicycle outside my door, I'm ready to go!

I love these arches over the streets.

Another narrow street.

Crowded shopping street in the Medieval Quarter.

The woman in red--my favorite photograph from the streets of Barcelona.